Week 2 Tuesday

I’ve been unable to update the build blog the past few meetings, but we will now return to regularly scheduled updates. We’re starting to organize a little bit better, with a permanent job whiteboard in the shop.

Tonight we made some great progress on robot design. We decided to add another stage to the elevator, in the form of a four-bar linkage. This allows us to extend our intake over the bumper and gives us some extra height when placing on the scale. Christian started designing some of this geometry, but there are a lot of variables and the rest of our robot isn’t static yet either.

As for build, the practice chassis is cut down and fully assembled with motors from yesterday. At the end of the night tonight we started throwing a control system on to start drive practice and autonomous. We got the parts for the Vex elevator kit, but didn’t start prototyping yet. Field elements are coming along nicely, with one exchange done and the platform mostly completed.

On the programming side, we started looking at a system to detect cubes. Some students also began diagramming possible autonomous modes.