Week 2 Thursday

We finally got all the elevator parts in! We started putting a mockup together but didn’t get very far because of the need to cut the 1/2″ shafts so precisely. Nathan will cut them down at Kurt Manufacturing and hopefully have them back on Saturday.

We’re at a bit of a stall on climbing. The main idea right now is to try and lift three robots (us + 2) in a manner similar to Team Cockamamie. An issue brought up early and often is that of imbalance and how we would support ourselves with a robot only on one side. Scott proposed squaring the robot rotationally to the box tubing, but no decisions were made.

The controls team finished some simple drivetrain code and started talking about the elevator system. I had the great pleasure of rambling about control loops for a good 15 minutes. We also finished up putting the electronics on the practice chassis, but I’m not a fan with how everything is mounted (dual lock). I don’t think we’ll drive with this until we get some more permanent mounting.