Week 3 Thursday and Saturday

We got snowed out on Monday and Tuesday, which is kind of annoying at this stage but not critical. We’re still on schedule for completion by week zero.

On Thursday we spent some time getting the elevator together and figuring out how specifically to integrate it into the robot. The best position for our purposes is right above the drive motors, which makes it difficult to integrate into the AM14U3 chassis. To solve this we designed a plate that integrates into the gearbox mounting, along with some pieces of 80/20 stock that support the elevator through corner brackets. We sent this off to Donner Laser the next morning and they had it ready by the afternoon.

On Saturday we were able to get the elevator on the robot, but it hadn’t been cut down to its final size yet. We weighed the chassis and elevator combo and it came to ~60 lbs, which is workable but a little bit higher than what we would like. This is probably largely because of the use of 1/8″ 2×1 on the elevator opposed to the lighter 1/16″. Hey, if it’s worth building, it’s worth overbuilding, right?

Thursday was also spent getting the practice chassis wired up. We want to do some driver practice but the controls people have mostly been on manufacturing the past few days. An artistic picture of wires is included below.