Week 4 Tuesday

Things are picking up! We got the elevator rigged and the motors hooked up. It’s very heavy, but 2x 775pro motors are well enough to keep it moving fast. We designed it to drive a 40 lb load 40 inches in less than a second. The travel distance ended up being over 70 inches, but this is still plenty fast enough. The speed worked out well to give us a stall voltage of 3V, which should be enough to never burn out a 775 over the course of a match. We plan to test and make sure it acts the same as in theory. Motors don’t like their magic smoke being let out too much.

Intake prototyping continues. The last prototype didn’t let us change the compression at all, so we cut new plates that will. We haven’t gotten the compliant wheels yet, but the Banebots will do until then.

After a few days of arguing with the Talons, we finally got a robot driving. 16 fps on a chassis with no weight is scary fast- on the dusty concrete floor we were able to spin it out like it had omni wheels.