Week 4 Saturday

It’s beginning to look like a robot! The intake articulation arms went on, and we’re starting to get into the “last 10%” stuff like mounting limit switches and hard stops.

We switched the electronics onto the main robot and drove it around a bit. Even with full acceleration forward and back, I was unable to get the robot even close to tipping. The elevator Talons are mounted as well and that drive is all wired up.

We decided to scrap the Sideswipe-style intake and go to a more Greenhorns/Everybot style for now. This is almost completed.

The controls team has been working on elevator motion profiling code, using the Talon’s motion profiling mode. The PID uses a feedforward calculated based on acceleration, velocity, and a constant term to counteract gravity. We haven’t gotten a chance to test on the real elevator yet, but it works well in simulation.